5. Health Coaching

Elevate your well-being with health coaching. Personalized guidance for a healthier lifestyle. Unlock your full potential today!


A holistic process is followed, whereby the whole body in its totality is address. Everything is interconnected and interdependent on all other organs and systems in the body for them to be able to work optimally.

Things like food quality, type of food, water quality, oxygen, genetics, environmental toxins, weather, sunshine, past experiences, trauma, emotional factors, mental factors and spiritual factors are just some of the additional factors that influence our health and our ability to heal.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself, and when we take into consideration all of the external and internal factors and we balance and support it, the body can then tap into the resources and this innate ability to heal itself and start the healing process. This is how chronic diseases can be reversed.

Focusing on the causes of the imbalances picked up in molecules, cells, tissues, organs and systems, supplement recommendations, dietary changes and lifestyle changes are then suggested.

The approach followed by Modern medicine is a symptom diagnostic approach where symptoms are treated most of the time and the root cause of disease isn’t even considered.

Synthetic supplements can leave people symptom free but still ill. They have shown to be harmful to the body and the list of side effects that come from using them, is endless.

Hospitals are overflowing and 50% of the adult population is on prescription medicine for clinically diagnosed diseases.

We aim to help restore health and balance in the body and mind in a more natural and healthy way and along with other modalities like hypnosis or coaching, overall balance of mind, emotions and spirit can also be achieved.

Health can be achieved and restored when a client takes responsibility for their own health and they follow the guidelines and advice given.

With the use of FOOD STATE nutrients (nutrients in their natural form) and the right foods, the body can recognize and utilize the nutrients to detoxify the cells, build the immune system, rebuild the DNA, rebalance, heal and repair itself.

 These FOOD STATE nutrients contain the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, long chain sugars, essential oils and protein building blocks needed to shift the client into healing and optimal wellness.

We can get our health back, stay healthy, think clearly and live a productive life with great energy levels and low stress levels when we rebalance and support our bodies.


I assist clients in changing their diets to a healthier lifestyle.

The main aim being to transition to a whole-food-plant-based diet.

This way of eating has been proved as very effective in reversing or preventing chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and in some cases, assist in reversing cancer. It also assists with improved energy levels and general health and well-being.

I meet clients where they’re at, on their health and dietary journey and I do the transition as fast or as slow as they want to. And to the point where they are happy with where they are at.

In order to address more serious health concerns, the transitions would have to be more serious and faster to achieve the desired health results.

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