4. Health Scans

Discover the benefits of health scans. Make informed decisions about your well-being. Learn how it works and its importance.


The scan is non-invasive and measures the energy state of the body’s organs and systems and looks for resonance matches.

The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer works on the principle of quantum medicine.

All the bodily systems and organs are made up of multiple parts and each of these have a standard and recognized frequency. These frequencies are embedded in the bodily systems and in the organs and it can be measured by the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.

The scan process itself is non-invasive and pain free. The energy state of the body’s organs and systems are scanned and then compared to the body’s resonance frequencies that are embedded in the quantum frequency resonance checklist of the Quantum Scanner.

The reports will indicate either normal measurements, meaning that the body is in a healthy balanced state or it may report differences as: Mild high or low, Moderately high or low or Severely High or low.

Ranges are given for what is “Normal” and where the client is currently at regarding their measurement level.

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, heavy metals and PH levels are amongst other things that can also be picked up by the Quantum Scanner.

The Practitioner will then use this information as a guide and they will give information and recommendation to clients regarding Nutritional supplementation, Detoxification and lifestyle adjustments.

In addition to the Scanning process, dietary adjustments can also be done, should the client be open to making these changes to their lifestyle.

IMPORTANT: Device operators do not diagnose or treat clients under any circumstance. We offer advice and recommendations to improve health.

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